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Open your store!

sell online in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Add our Start Selling product to your cart and place your order. You will receive an email to explain the content we need to get your site up and running.

Step 1

Step 2

You will receive an email with instructions. This is where you will send us pictures and write-ups of your products, logos, about us and your contact details. Do not worry, we will help you through this process. Via email we will ensure your site is exactly what you expect it to be, professional and ready to go.

Step 3

After a few days and a few reviews, and most importantly, you being 100% happy with your site, we will launch it to the world. You can download the Shopify App and wait to receive your orders. We will give you tips on how to start doing some social marketing to let people know of your cool new store.

Shopify Features

100+ Themes

Explore our range of free and paid themes to find the right look and feel for your store. Find inspiration, discover styles, and start building your brand.

2200+ Apps

From drop shipping to social media marketing, the Shopify App Store has over 2,200 apps to help you start, manage, and grow your business.

Powerful Tools

Get a holistic and detailed view of your business to better understand sales, orders, and audience to better tailor your products and marketing.




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